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The United Fine Fog Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1984. We are a company focusing on the manufacture of fog nozzles and all related fittings ,sprayers pumps. Our nozzles are patented in U.S.A., GERMANY, CHINA and CHINA TAIWAN. The fog nozzles are used in both high pressure fogging systems and low pressure fogging systems for various purposes to manage temperature and humidity, and create a comfortable environment for human beings.

Besides evaporative cooling, fogging systems can also be used for other applications, such as odor neutralization, dust suppression, pest and disease control. Also, fog systems can be used in landscaping, such as the special effects in amusement parks, zoos, etc.
Moreover, please be informed that we only produce nozzles and accessories for fogging systems; we do not supply complete fogging systems. Our customers purchase nozzles from us to use in their fogging systems and sell them under their brand name.

Evaporative cooling in concept on a hot and sunny day, the moisture content of the atmosphere remains virtually constant; this means that the relative humidity is always lowest at the day's highest temperature. The lower the relative humidity, the better the evaporative cooling effect is. In other words, the cooling effect is best when you need it most.
The evaporation of 1kg of water gives the same cooling effect as the melting of 7 kg of ice. This is nature's own way of cooling air; it produces a considerable amount of cooling effect. The Fine Fog Nozzle converts ordinary water into billions of micron-sized water particles. When operated at 1000 PSI or higher pressure, the Natural Fog Nozzle generates 10~15micron-sized water droplets which flash evaporate when floating through the air. Since rapid evaporation takes place and residence time (time required to evaporate water particles in the air) is kept to minimum; the Natural Fog Nozzle is a nozzle fully capable of achieving total evaporative cooling potential even in climates with high relative humidity.

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