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EXPERT nozzles , nowadays use for Moisturizing, disinfecting, cooling, mist-scape, air refreshing, odor neutralizing & dust-abatement

High-pressure water(400-2000 psi) reaches the nozzle, shooting a fine liquid jet against an impingement pin of equal diameter resulting in the finest atomization possible, atomizing water into billions of 1 to 15 micron droplets like those occurring in natural fog.

Ruby-orifice nozzle is also can supply for the same technical and much long life, the price will be a little high then the 316's one ;

We can also supply the seats matching for the the above nozzles with your drawing ;

We are the OEM manufacturers the world's best impaction-pin type fog nozzle. Droplet size is the single most important factor governing fog system performance. Smaller droplets mean faster and more efficient cooling, less wetting of duct surfaces and greatly reduced compressor blade distress. The nozzle sets the standard for inlet fogging nozzles and has been shown to consistently outperform other nozzles.

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